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Issue Date: November/December 2016
Published Online: November 17, 2016
Updated: January 01, 2021
Summary of Articles and Bylaws Revisions, 2016
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Official Documents   |   November 17, 2016
Summary of Articles and Bylaws Revisions, 2016
American Journal of Occupational Therapy, November 2016, Vol. 70, 7012410090.
American Journal of Occupational Therapy, November 2016, Vol. 70, 7012410090.
Proposed revisions to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Bylaws were adopted by the members who attended the Annual Business Meeting at the 2016 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo in Chicago, Illinois. Of note are the following changes:
  • • The addition of language for establishment of a quorum at the commencement of a meeting, which remains established for its duration as defined under Washington, DC, nonprofit law.
  • • The elimination of President-Elect as an Officer of the Board, because Washington, DC, nonprofit law does not recognize the President-Elect as an officer. The President-Elect continues to serve as a member of the Board with voice only.
  • • The elimination of the Assembly of Student Delegates (ASD) as an Organizational Advisor to the Board, because ASD is now a Standing Advisory Committee of the Board.
  • • The elimination of the term resolutions as a format by which members may propose actions to the Representative Assembly (RA). A motion is the appropriate parliamentary procedure for proposing any action, including the adoption of a resolution. Hence, there is no need to specify the term resolution in the Bylaws.
  • • The clarification of open meetings to be consistent with Association Policy A.6.
  • • Changes were made to the Term of Office section for Representatives of the RA to clarify the process for filling vacancies.
  • • The addition of language regarding revocation of membership for cause other than nonpayment of dues or violation of the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics, which clarifies and defines cause in conformance with Washington, DC, nonprofit law.
The minutes and adopted 2016 Bylaws are available in their entirety on the AOTA website at; they are also available in the Reference Manual of the Official Documents of the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (21st ed.), available for order through the AOTA Online Store at